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Mr. Shivraj Sehgal has a perfect command over all these and is proficient at giving Vaastu suggestions to homes, commercial and industrial business.


A specialist Vaastu expert:

A decent Vaastu expert is one who examines the issues and issues of his customers completely and conveys mindful proposals, subsequently helping the customers carry on with an upbeat and solid life. Straightforward and successful proposals that are made with no pulverizations or auxiliary changes are a shrewd method for utilizing Vaastu for present day or conventional structures. These successful proposals are an aftereffect of broad information and experience. Mr. Shivraj Sehgal is a fortune trove of learning and can skilfully recommend changes that needn't bother with real modifications at home or office. Without a trace of monetary separation, he capably adjusts the antiquated vedic and vaastu standards to the cutting edge homes.

Extraordinary Vaastu proposals

His forte is the utilization of Color Therapy, Pyramidology, and utilization of precious stones, metals and other characteristic invigorating treatments to redress and cure the Vaastu surrenders display in the insides. These sorts of proposals needn't bother with any sort of pulverizations to the current structure.

He earned his image name as a specialist figure in Vaastu Shastra because of his notoriety for being a significant master in this Vedic science and astounding background in recommending gainful Vaastu cures. His diverse nearness gives out positive vibes to the environment and he has had a capable effect on the lives of numerous. Mr. Shivraj Sehgal has the aptitude of understanding the persuasive adjust of the five components of nature, electromagnetic and infinite energies in our environment. He utilizes his broad information to amplify the impact of these capable regular energies in our abodes to make an atmosphere of inspiration, peace, congruity, wellbeing, flourishing, and imperativeness in our lives.

Vaastu Secrets & Tips for a Better Life

Life is a lovely trip which should to be delighted in and treated with happiness and satisfaction. Be that as it may, in this quick moving aggressive world, everybody is by all accounts attempting to win the rodent's race. With expanding issues and stacked strains both in the workplace and home front, life appears a trial and a weight to survive. In any case, rather than endeavoring to discover straightforward answers for our issues, we, by and large, have a tendency to convolute them assist through improbable and irrational convictions which hold no logical or religious sponsorship.

The guideline of 'basic living and high reasoning' never again exists in the present period that we are living in. Life has turned into a ceaseless race where everybody is by all accounts attempting to accomplish a superior and more joyful work without.

Good Vastu Layout has a significant impact on the Lifestyle and Health. Designing pleasant and well balanced environment and properly organizing living space according to vastu will attract good luck, prosperity and health. The essence of vastu is the creation of a harmony and a dynamic balance between your inner space and your exterior space.

In apartment, the land is shared by multiple owners but in case of an independent bungalow or villa, you are directly connected to the earth which is a prominent element of Vastu Shastra. Hence Bungalow dwellers have more control over the major vastu elements than the apartment owners.